We rely on the time, care, and passion of our amazing volunteers.

In Nairobi, London, and world-wide, we are lucky to have some exceptional individuals working with us as mentors, teachers, and more.  We are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to help. If you are interested in dedicating any of your own time to our cause we are always looking for more volunteers and different skill sets to join our incredible team and help the children we support.


Profession: Teacher

Facilitator at Fursa Enrichment Club

‘Working with these children gives me hope that the future is in good hands. Every child has a lot of potential that needs to be nurtured in spite of their backgrounds.’

Profession: Teacher

Volunteer Mentor at Fursa Enrichment Club

‘Volunteering at The Fursa Trust has been an amazing experience. I see the growth in a child both academically and socially; and that is what keeps me going.’

Profession: Student

Volunteer Mentor at Fursa Enrichment Club

‘For an individual to be all rounded, a combination of skills are necessary. My favourite part about volunteering is the lesson taught and learnt in the life skills sessions at the enrichment club.’

Profession: Market researcher

London Based Communications Volunteer 

‘During the height of the pandemic I wanted to do something helpful  so I began volunteering with the incredible Fursa Trust team. 2 years on, the children and team continue to inspire me every week.’

Emma Sharon
Profession: Software Developer

Facilitator at Fursa Enrichment Club

‘Access to opportunities is a major defining factor for success. The Enrichment club at Fursa gives the children in the Deep Sea area a glimpse into a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities.’

Profession: Teacher

Volunteer Mentor at Fursa Enrichment Club

‘Spending my evenings with the children at The Fursa Trust is a good use of time. I have the opportunity to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. These children are the hope of the community.’

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