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Meet the Team

Our team in Kenya

Lead Facilitator

Emily Achieng Omondi

I believe all children deserve to have the opportunity to explore their talents and have an education. It is only through education that we can eradicate poverty, and that’s the change we need in our community. Meeting Fursa helped me feel empowered to bring about the change alongside a team that had the same vision as me.

Enrichment Club Coordinator

Sharon Emma Chepkemoi

I’ve been with Fursa since 2021 and work alongside my colleagues to support children with their learning and life skills.

I am a product of great mentorship and working with Fursa gives me the chance to pay that forward by supporting children to reach their full potential.

There’s an amazing sense of community and togetherness at the club which I love!

Programme Manager


I have been part of Fursa since the beginning but have been part of the Deep Sea community for much longer.
At Fursa, I am the mother, sister, confidante/friend, mentor and above all defender of children’s rights and biggest cheerer of the children’s visions, interests and progress towards a better future.
Before Fursa, there was little passion or participation in education and so children did not have dreams for their future. Fursa gives children and parents an opportunity to change that.

Irene Nangria Ngata

I joined Fursa in 2020 to help deliver the programmes. I also support the children with their homework.

Helping children most in need of support better their grades and their future is one of the reasons I wanted to be part of Fursa. I really enjoy the mentorship and love the outdoor programmes.


Sarah Njeri

Teaching is my passion. So, during the day, I teach at the local school (my regular job). In the evening and holidays, I like to spend time with the Fursa Trust community because it is an opportunity for me to reach more children beyond my regular classroom and it is also a chance to mentor brilliant young minds.

Erick Onyango Otieno

Being part of the Fursa family has provided me with a community of amazing young people who are all united by a shared goal to make the next generation of children from Deep Sea slums, great leaders. I have also had the opportunity to build my communication skills and confidence whenever I explain concepts to the children and share my thoughts in discussions. It’s a very lovely community.


Raphael Kibaki Ragira

I joined Fursa in 2022 and help teach the children in the evenings. It’s a great way to spend my free time.

I get a lot of satisfaction from helping Fursa club members understand a concept that they didn’t understand at school.


Linet Ouma

I joined Fursa in 2021 and teach primary pupils and high school students.

I really enjoy guiding the children through their studies so they can achieve their dreams. Watching them succeed brings me a lot of joy and seeing them shine later in life will be my greatest achievement.


Dominic Ngei


Rose Kalekye

I heard about Fursa from my sister who is part of the programme. I was almost finishing secondary school by then, so I was very excited to join as a volunteer because I saw how much my sister’s life and attitude towards life and opportunities changed since she joined the organisation.

Now that I am a volunteer, I see the love and dedication that goes into the success of its beneficiaries. And for this reason, I am constantly encouraged to contribute my time and skills.


Martin Oruko

Being a young person looking for opportunities to grow my career, I found a great opportunity in Fursa where I can share my knowledge in Maths and Technology with amazing young minds. I am absolutely honoured to contribute to inspiring the next generation of brilliant leaders.


Faith Mainga

I decided to volunteer with Fursa as I waited to join the university. At first, I was unsure what to expect but once I joined the team, it was an amazing experience.

I feel so honoured to share my time with the children at Fursa. I have also been able to get so much support from the older volunteers in my school applications and for that reason, I am so happy that I found this awesome organisation.

Our team in the UK

Founder & Trustee

Ruhi Morbiwalla

I’ve been a trustee since The Fursa Trust was born in 2019.  As we continue with our bold growth plans my focus is on leadership, strategic direction and fundraising.

Spending many holidays in Kenya as a child left a lasting impression and led me down the path of starting The Fursa Trust.  I am now in awe of the impact our committed team have on the lives of so many children in Kenya.   And I’m excited about future opportunities and how much more we can achieve!



Dr Pippa Trench

I became part of Fursa in 2019. I work with the Kenya-based team on the strategy and focus on budgeting and finances. I also support the team with professional development and curriculum development.

I believe deeply in the transformative power of out-of-school programmes to boost confidence, self-esteem and academic and life skills. And I think children growing up in Deep Sea are at a huge disadvantage. However, Fursa is making an enormous difference to their lives and the lives of their families.

Working with the Fursa team is amazing! However, spending time with the young people we work with and their families is the best.

Trustee & Volunteer Finance Consultant

Mitali Kelly

I started volunteering with Fursa in 2019 to support its vision of giving disadvantaged children a better start in life.

I support the team on finance matters and strategy, advise the board and  review finance governance to ensure we stay compliant. Knowing everything we do is to support such amazing children is just the best. I love seeing their passion for learning and their progress.


Sarah Gabay

I joined the Board of Trustees in 2019. As a lawyer, I use my skills wherever they’re needed – they were especially useful when we were setting up the charity. I’m also part of the fundraising team put together to make sure we can support as many children as possible in the coming years.

We do amazing work and I love hearing about how our new initiatives are being implemented and how the children are doing. It feels good to give time to such a worthy cause and it’s a privilege to be part of Fursa.



I joined Fursa's Board of Trustees in 2019 truly excited at the potential we have to help the kids in Deep Sea. I use my professional experience as an investor in companies to provide a challenging sounding board for our strategy and financial management. I've always had a profound belief in the potential for education to transform lives, especially those that start in difficulty. There's a sort of magic in it and nowhere is this more true than in Deep Sea. The kids there start life in circumstances that few of us in the UK can really imagine. Fursa's after-school program helps the kids gain the skills, resilience and self belief to overcome these circumstances, opening a path to opportunities that otherwise would have been denied to them.
Volunteer Marketing Officer

Emma Recknell

I’ve been volunteering with Fursa since 2020. I organise marketing and fundraising initiatives in the UK to help build awareness of our work and raise money to deliver our programme today and help the charity grow in the future.

Getting involved with Fursa was an easy decision after hearing from the team and reading the children’s stories – it was very moving.

Hearing the positive stories and knowing the difference we’re making to these incredible children is still my driving force today.

Volunteer Branding Support

Aalia Sheikh-Nabi

So many children in Kenya don’t have the opportunity to go to school or have support outside of school for various reasons and this has got to change.

I’ve been involved with Fursa from the very beginning and absolutely love being part of such a passionate team. It’s a great feeling to be able to give back a little and play a small part in making dreams a reality.

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