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Our clubs open the door to opportunities for children facing a lifetime of poverty. Support is built around four themes designed to give children the foundations they need to build a better future for themselves and their families.

At the heart of our care and support is working in partnership with parents. We meet every child’s parents at the start of our support to truly understand the child’s circumstances and struggles. Getting to know their parents beliefs, barriers and concerns too means we can better support the child.

Ruhi, Founder

Inspiring a better future

  • Through structured debates we teach children to express themselves and understand the impact of good communication. It develops the tools they need to speak up for themselves and fight discrimination for their community.
  • Exploring topics such as self-awareness, respect and responsibility with expert guests introduces the children to new ways of thinking. The sessions help them adapt their behaviour to improve their day-to-day and prepare for a better future.
  • Day trips outside of Deep Sea show children life beyond their community. They’re introduced to different ways of living that spark their imagination and inspire hope for their future.
  • Days dedicated to life skills encourage children to think about their future. Hearing from people in professions such as teaching, architecture, health and animal care opens their eyes to the possibilities. Learning skills like cooking and baking helps with basic survival and encourages them to consider how they might make a career out of the things they enjoy.
  • Movies, games and creative projects at the end of the week give the children a chance to relax. Their lives are harder than most can imagine and entirely worry-free fun is rare.

Making learning possible

  • One-to-one help with their homework ensures each child gets the right support. And with as much attention as they need, they can complete it with confidence.
  • Specially designed exercises related to the children’s school studies help boost their learning and self-esteem.
  • Access to books, stationery and computers ensures children have the practical tools they need to learn as well as skills that will benefit them well beyond their school years.
  • Regular contact with the children’s headteachers keeps us up to date on each child’s progress. It’s how we ensure our support is making a difference for every child.

Keeping children safe

  • The clubs provide a safe place for children to be while parents are working. Gangs, predators and violence are prevalent in the slum. We keep them out of harm’s way and assure parents their children are being looked after when they can’t be around.
  • We provide a safe space to talk without shame and with support. Violence, illness and addiction at home and bullying at school are common. We listen, provide understanding and help children cope.

Empowering parents

  • Non-discriminatory workshops for parents welcome people no matter their ethnicity, race, religion or age and unite parents so they can access peer-to-peer support too.
  • During parent workshops we discuss topics such as money management and making the best use of what they have, giving them practical skills to make changes that will improve their lives.
  • Introducing parents to different ways of thinking and behaving to support their children and give them the best chance for a better future.

Fursa has made me confident and even believe in myself.

Fursa club member

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