Inspiring a better future. Nurturing change.

Creating opportunity.

Breaking the cycle of poverty for children in the forgotten slums of Kenya.

No child’s future should have to suffer because of their circumstances

But imagining a life outside the slums is almost impossible for most children trapped in them.

Unsafe, unsanitary and uninspiring living conditions leave little room for hope. Or even an education.

Yet hope and education have the power to change a child’s life.

How we help

Fursa means “opportunity” in Swahili. And putting possibilities into the minds and hands of vulnerable children is at the heart of everything we do – from supporting them with their education and equipping them with life skills to developing their mental resilience. We open children’s eyes to a future they could never imagine otherwise, inspiring them to dream big for the first time.

Help us change a child’s life

We’re a small team of people with big hearts, dedicated to the children we support. And support from people like you make our work possible. Without government funding, it’s the only way we can help children surviving in forgotten slums.

Together, we can keep changing lives.


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How it all began

“I saw poverty and discrimination like never before. Yet the children were funny, cheeky and full of life. More than that, they were an inspiration. How could I walk away?”  Ruhi, Founder

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